Implants for neighbouring teeth

For patients looking to restore the look and function of their smile, our Calgary dentists offer a number of natural looking tooth replacement options, including dental implants and bridges. 

At West Market Dental one of the frequently discussed procedures is what we can do for a missing tooth. Every night as I sit and watch the Oilers (Go Oilers!!) fight for the Stanley Cup I see many toothless players giving interviews after the game. Of course most of us do not have high risk jobs that endanger our dental health like hockey but we all eat, which can be just as dangerous to teeth as hockey. I myself split a tooth in half, forcing the tooth to be removed, eating popcorn. If you are like me and you suddenly are faced with the realization that that crunch you heard was not food but a tooth, please do not fret, we are here to help.

At our Calgary dental office, there are many options for a replacing missing tooth. A partial denture or plate is the most affordable option for those patients who are on a limited budget. They can be made to look quite natural but are not the most comfortable compared to other options.

Dental Implants for Neighbouring Teeth X-Ray | West Market Dental | Calgary Dentist

The second best option would be a dental bridge. Unlike a denture that can be removed, a bridge is cemented on and feels like your own natural tooth. A bridge is also quite cosmetic and can be made to look like your other natural teeth. The main drawback is that the two neighboring teeth will need to be filed down slightly to complete the bridge.

The best treatment option for a missing tooth is a dental implant. The implant crown is also cemented on but unlike the bridge, the two neighboring teeth do not need to be filed down. Whenever possible, the dentists at West Market Dental will place the implant computer guided which is minimally invasive and very gentle. When done this way, the implant surgery is completed without the need for stitches and is oftentimes more comfortable than having a tooth pulled.

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