Fluoride? How do we feel about fluoride?

Fluoride? How do we feel about fluoride?

Fluoride has been a controversial topic for many years, especially after the City of Calgary has taken fluoride out of the drinking water. The dentists at West Market Dental in Calgary support the use of fluoride in the form of a daily fluoridated toothpaste, and with professional in office fluoride application once a person has reached a minimum age due to it's benefits on teeth.

We have two in-office types of fluoride. Both work in similar ways but there are subtle differences.

The first type is fluoride foam which is placed in a tray and left in the mouth for approximately 1 minute. This method is great for kids and young children or some people who dislike the taste of fluoride. The second option would be a one minute fluoride rinse and this method is great for people who have a gag reflex. Either way, both have the same beneficial effects on our teeth. It is up to you to choose which fluoride is best for you so come by and visit our southwest Calgary dental office in Signal Hill area to learn more.

However, if children ingest too much fluoride at too young of an age, they are susceptible to getting fluorosis. Fluorosis is a condition that affects the adult teeth where there are unsightly bright white patches on the teeth. Severe forms of fluorosis may even appear yellow or brown in color.

Please be aware that every dental office will have slightly different opinions about fluoride so the views expressed in this post are ours alone. It is important to us that patients do not feel pressured regarding getting fluoride treatment or any other treatment as a matter of fact. We believe in giving patients all the options available including all the potential risks and benefits, and allowing each patient to make the best decision for themselves.

Book an appointment with us if you have any questions about whether fluoride, or any of other family dental services. We'd love to hear from you.

Najlaa, dental assistant at West Market Dental

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